About Us

In 2011, a few gentlemen from Iowa came up with a plan to transform a product typically regarded as waste into a healthier, biodegradable calcium and membrane that can be utilized in various applications. With strong agricultural backgrounds in farming, corn and soybean production, as well as engineering, these four men took on the challenge without hesitation. A year later, they have made great strides in achieving their goal, including the mastery an innovative, patent-pending process to create this product. Today, the team is working to find the best locations in the U.S. to increase their capacity and ability to produce food-grade products for generations to come.

Unique to the industry, Redfield Scientific is one of the few organizations developing this product within the United States. The team is proud of Iowa’s reputation for agriculture and is excited about the opportunity to find a new source of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from an otherwise perceived waste product.