Household Uses – Calcium

HouseholdCalcium in eggshells offers a variety of ways to clean, whiten and strengthen in daily life – from home cleaning to prosperity in your garden, there are numerous ways you can utilize calcium in eggshells.

Here are a few simple ways eggshell calcium can help you at home:

  • Remove oil stains on your driveway
  • Remove rust from your patio
  • Clean your pots and pans with a nontoxic cleaning substance by adding ground eggshells to your soapy water. This results in a powerful clean.
    • Unclog drains by keeping a few ground eggshells in your kitchen sink strainer. They trap additional solids and when they slowly break down, they will help to naturally clean your pipes on the way out.
    • Utilize calcium’s whitening factor – from laundry and paint to skin blemishes and skin tone.
    • Sweeten coffee by adding crushed eggshells to ground coffee before brewing to make it taste less bitter.
    • Fortify your pet by drying eggshells at 250-degree for over 30 minutes. Place them in a plastic zipper bag, seal it and crush the shells until they are a fine powder. Put this into your dog’s food as a great calcium supplement to help his or her bones and teeth.


Calcium in eggshells can be especially beneficial to gardeners. Here’s a look at ways to take advantage of eggshells outdoors:

  • Add calcium to your plants’ water. Place calcium in your water bottle, shake it up and apply to your plants.
  • Add crushed eggshells to the bottom of planting holes, especially for tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. As the eggshells break down, they’ll nourish the soil and your plants while preventing end rot.
  • Use eggshells as “pots” for seedlings. Fill an egg carton with empty, rinsed eggshell halves and poke a hole in each one for drainage. When the seedlings are big enough for transplanting outside, just crack the shell at the bottom and plant, shell and all.
  • Use crushed eggshells to deter slugs, snails and cutworms. These three pests have soft undersides. The sharp eggshell edge may help deter these pests. Once the eggshells are crushed, scatter them around the areas in your garden where you are having problems with pests.
  • Add eggshells to your compost pile to infuse it with extra calcium. The essential nutrient helps plants to build cell walls and improves performance. Although you do not need to crush eggshells before composting them, doing so will speed up the break down.
  • Add eggshells directly to the soil. As eggshells in the soil decompose, the extra calcium will help your plants to flourish over time, including next year’s crop.
  • If you are a bird lover, crush up eggshells and add them to a dish near the feeder. Female birds who are preparing to lay eggs or recently finished laying require extra calcium.


*Remember, no matter how you use eggshells be sure to rinse them out well before use in your garden.