Household Uses – Membrane

HouseholdEggshell membrane offers a variety of ways to heal and repair in your daily life – from healing cuts and scratches to clearing up your skin, here are a few simple ways MeggRane™ can help you at home:

  • Use egg skin membrane on any cut or scratch to promote healing. Put the wet side of the membrane on the cut and leave it there until it dries. An alternative method is to spread a little egg white over the top of the membrane after it is in place over the cut, and if necessary, bandage over that. Using egg skin will bring quick healing without any scarring due to anti-microbial and protein substances within the membrane.
  • Use the eggshell membrane to draw out blackheads or to clear up pimples.
  • Use egg membrane on splinters or glass fragments that are difficult to pick out with tweezers. Using the eggshell membrane method will draw the splinter out, making it easier to remove the particle.
  • Useful for ingrown toenails.
  • Try using the wet egg membrane on boils. Keep reapplying until the boil is dislodged.
  • Suffering from a spider bite? The egg membrane will draw out any poison and help the bite to heal faster. This method can be attempted on other types of bites or stings as well.
  • Relieve blister pain on your feet, especially when that painful stage is reached where the blisters burst and the skin rubs off.